Post Election Empowerment Potluck (P.E.E.P)
Reunion Chicago

The 'T' on the P.E.E.P:
No matter WHO wins on November 8th, the AACN wants to provide a time & space for us to fellowship / strategize with each other and to continue empowering OURSELVES by supporting each other & our respective creative endeavors/platforms. Bring your fave dish/dessert/libation & vibration to share. Consider this event as a "creative community wellness check" after the most triggering presidential election, EVER!

POWER Project 2017
Comfort Station

Preparation, Organization, Wonderment, Empowerment, Resistance--During the month of June 2017, the Art Leaders of Color Network (ALCN) and the Comfort Station have partnered to present the P.O.W.E.R. Project--an ‘empowerment hub’ of lectures, discussions, happenings, self-care exercises, and much more led by artists and members from the community. The vision is that through this series of community-building engagements (via resource/knowledge sharing), people will not only be empowered to lead their own actions but inspire others to take a stand against injustice and intolerance...the only way we can make it through these uncertain times is to do it together.