Puppeteers of Color Incubator

Puppeteers of Color Incubator

Announcing the Puppeteers of Color Incubator!

About the ALCN

Who is an Art Leader of Color? Anyone who identifies as ALAANA (African, Latino(a/x), Asian, Arab and Native American) and works within the arts. Membership is open to artists, administrators, curators, entrepreneurs, producers, and anyone else...

Art Leaders of Color Network

The Art Leaders of Color Network is an ALAANA Centered organization meant to produce, present, and promote the work of self-identified leaders within the Arts. Here are the Art Leaders of Color Network.

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Join the Art Leaders of Color Network (ALCN)! Calling all ALAANA leaders to help build a network to address the disparity of equity within arts administration. Sign up, Share, and Succeed with wth ALCN. ...